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A Spirited Cocktail with Connie St. John

A Spirited Cocktail with Connie St. John 960 720 Galen Bingham

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Find out why Connie St. John and Galen Bingham are kindred spirits. Connie St. John is President of the St. John Consulting Group and CEO of No Weapon Productions™, a company that specializes in family-friendly film and television programming, along with stage plays and other live events that feature no gratuitous sex, profanity, or violence. In this episode we reflect on how living in so many places has shaped our careers. We also discuss our children and the lessons they are learning as they grow up. Listen to how Connie came to start her own company and how she has gotten people to pay for her Leadership Roleplay Program. Connie is fearless when it comes to her passions, find out where she found her courage. Finally, Connie shares that her love for Jazz is rooted in her family.

Connie’s interview was insightful, and it also helped me learn about Galen Bingham as they could be described as “Kindred Spirits.” Having both moved around a lot as children Galen and Connie share how that experience has enriched their approach to the work they do today. As a Communications major, Connie inspires me because She uses her business and marketing skill to enhance media. She discusses her experiences working in media and starting her own company No Weapon Productions™, Connie is incredibly courageous and gives us a glimpse of where that courage came from. Of course, Galen could not end the conversation before talking about Jazz. Connie surprises us by sharing that her love for Jazz is rooted in her family. 

0:54 Introduction

2:12 What are you drinking?

4:40 Who is Connie St John

7:00 “14 states 19 cities” what do you believe that living in so many places has added to the work you do now?

11:20 Is there a difference between working for Turner, Oprah, or the other organizations you have worked for?

15:50 The connection between leadership and courage

20:42 What do you think makes well-meaning adults want to keep kids safe but not put limits on their dreams?

24:50 Galen and Connie lessons their children are learning.

31:45 Although people say they want to order, do you feel you need some sort of complexity to feel alive?

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Connie St. John Part 2

0:54 How Connie John has gotten people to pay her for a leadership roleplay program.

7:42 Connie shares about her production company.

13:56 No Weapon Productions

14:15 Where did your courage come from?

19:13 Connie’s jazz favorites!

20:33 Jazz in the family!

20:39 Whiskey Jazz and Leadership connection.

26:35 Connie’s advice.

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