Detoxifying Your Team

One Member at a Time

With Guest

C Lee Smith Headshot

C Lee Smith

Founder & CEO of SalesFuel

Tuesday, June 18


The ill-effects of just one toxic employee can infect your team like a virus. Demoralizing them. Eroding their performance. Causing everyone to walk on eggshells and dread coming to work. Learn how to help your team in next month’s Executive Briefing Detoxifying Your Team One Member at a Time.

Join C.Lee Smith, the CEO and Founder of SalesFuel, as he helps you learn how to recognize the 13 types of toxic employees and how to detoxify them to help your team’s productivity. Through its unique portfolio of sales tools, training, and intelligence, SalesFuel provides thousands of sales teams nationwide with The Power to Sell Smarter, providing further value to their accounts, standing out from the competition, and attracting a higher level of talent and clientele.

Register now for the June 18th Executive Briefing at 1 PM EST Detoxifying Your Team One Member at a Time.