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Like Old Times with Joe Cavaliere

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Today Galen is drinking Uncle Nearest with not only an old friend but one of his original mentors. Joe Cavaliere is the Group President of Global Innerwear at Hanes Brands. Cavaliere brings more than 30 years of leadership in major transformations, sales, marketing, and operations. They reflect on old times and reminisce on the leadership principles they have learned while working together. They discuss the value of experience and using your skills to leverage yourself. Then, dive in deep about investing in the people on your team. Finally, Joe gives incredible advice about leading authentically to engage your team.

I could tell Joe was really going to bring on the leadership when he defined his own personal connection between Whiskey Jazz and Leadership. He expresses that the title of the show gives him energy and what makes Galen authentically himself. He then gives insight and backstory on how he relates to the title. We then hear about their time working together on past projects. Galen gets further insight on his mentor was so confident while leading a team of new businessmen and women. In Part two, Cavaliere recounts on the important lesson his mentors taught him and the impact they have had on him today

Like Old Times with Joe Cavaliere (Part 1)

0:54 Introduction

1:40 How Joe and Galen met.

3:20 What is Joe drinking?

4:16 Uncle Nearest History.

6:46 Who is Joe Cavaliere

9:10 Connection between Whiskey Jazz and Leadership

13:55: Galen reflects on a time working with Joe

18:20 Where did Joe’s confidence comes from?


Like Old Times with Joe Cavaliere (Part 2)

6:34 How important are mentors to people trying to change their careers

11:35 importance of leaders who invest in their people

17:43 Are you able to find people to be authentic with as a Senior Executive

21:40 Joe Cavaliere’s advice for leading effectively




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