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In a New York Apartment with Dave Peacock

In a New York Apartment with Dave Peacock 1024 683 Galen Bingham

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In a New York Apartment with Dave Peacock

Dave Peacock is the former President of Anheuser-Busch and Schnucks Markets. Galen is drinking Blanton’s letter A as he has an incredible conversation with Chief Operating Officer for Continental Grain, a company invested in food and agribusiness located in New York. They discuss the importance of community involvement in business and networking. Dave and Galen continue their conversation with a discussion on how to go the extra mile regarding customer service. Dave gives incredible advice to both young and seasoned leaders in the field. Then Dave surprises me with one of his jazz favorites. Don’t miss a drop of this special conversation with Dave Peacock.

Being born and raised in St. Louis County, it was interesting to hear the background of some of our most important businesses. Dave and Galen discussed the importance of getting involved in community outreach and developing connections within. Throughout Part One and Two Dave drops insightful advice for anyone in business and leadership. He also shares how Mentors or Advocates have played a key role in building his success!

In a New York Apartment with Dave Peacock (Part 1)

3:00 What are we drinking?

7:55 Who is Dave Peacock

10:55 What makes St. Louis, Missouri special

14:00 Importance of community involvement in business

17:10 Lessons Dave learned in corporate America that he was able to utilize in his career now

In a New York Apartment with Dave Peacock (Part 2)

3:30 Going beyond the spreadsheet

5:00 Appreciating the moment you are in

9:40 How important is it to have a mentor 

13;30 Dave’s surprising jazz picks

16:20 Where does Dave’s confidence come from?

19:00 Dave’s connection between Whiskey Jazz and Leadership

21:30 What is next for Dave Peacock?


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