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Soul Connections over Drinks with Rod Bourn

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Soul Connections over Drinks with Rod Bourn

Rod is the Founder and Lead Ninja of Down Set Lead; a strategic innovation consulting group focused on helping organizations grow their business and people through coaching, training, and mentoring. With a passion to improve people and organizations, Rod has held a variety of leadership roles with stints in human resources; training and organizational development; nonprofit development; and leadership programming. Rod inspires Galen with his confidence, and he had to know where it came from. We have a fantastic conversation about how we found our flow. Next, Rod shares the importance of doing what you love most and relates that back to the metaphor of Whiskey Jazz and Leadership. Enjoy as Galen has a conversation with a new friend.


Rod has such an interesting story. He started in HR which inspired him to create Down Set Lead. Hearing Rod’s background you can tell he catalyst for change and is creating an innovative coaching formula. Rod shares his invisible directors and shares why he picked these people. Rod’s confidence definitely doesn’t go unnoticed, he shares where his confidence came from and how it has helped him through business, In Part two Rod Shares about his Jazz education growing up.

Soul Connections over Drinks with Rod Bourn (Part 1)

2:20 What we’re drinking

5:44 Who is Rod Bourn

12:10 How can you adapt to the constantly changing job market

15:05 Finding your flow

17:15 Importance of mentors

21:00 Rods Invisible board of directors


Soul Connections over Drinks with Rod Bourn (Part 2)

0:50 How Galen found his “flow”

5:10 Rod’s confidence

9:57 Stepping up to the mic

12:20 Connection between Whiskey Jazz and Leadership

19:20 Rod’s Jazz education



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