Dominant Thoughts: Things Grow Where Our Minds Go

Chris Heller

Your thoughts determine your results!

Chris Heller, a nationally recognized leader in real estate, joins bestselling author Greg Reid to share profound principles and practices for creating unparalleled success in sales, leadership, and relationships. In this engaging parable, you’ll meet Nick, a young sales professional who approaches John, a retiring CEO, and asks for his secret to success. Expecting to receive a single game-changing nugget of wisdom, John instead becomes Nick’s mentor. Over the course of several years, he shares his profound business and success principles with the young salesman. Over time, John’s strategies and insights help Nick advance his career to a management role, which presents additional challenges and relationship issues.

In this book, John, an astute mentor, shares the dominant thoughts that led to his success. As Nick adopts them, he discovers that there is not one secret to success, but many … and those that have the greatest impact are the thoughts that are most dominant.

As their story unfolds, you’ll discover insightful revelations, including:

– the one thing you can control that will have the biggest impact on your success
– the single most important principle to consider when making any decision
– the one strategy proven to wow clients and increase loyalty and retention
– how to strengthen your discipline muscle and break out of your comfort zone
– the key to effective communication and truly understanding what people are and are not saying, and
– how you can turn your dominant thoughts Into unprecedented success and happiness!

As a bonus, this book contains a section that includes the dominant thoughts that have attributed to the remarkable success of Chris Heller and his team. Adopt them and watch your career grow, your relationships improve, and your potential advance!

About Chris

Chris Heller is a real estate industry icon, thought leader, and two time CEO. Currently, he is the Chief Real Estate Officer of OJO Labs, where he is shaping partner strategies, creating a cohesive structure and adoption between real estate professionals, consumers, and OJO.

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