Omni-Benevolence: How to Create AND Apply Your New Philosophy of Philanthropy

Maurits van Sambeek

Omnibenevolence Secrets Every Philanthropy Director Needs To Know!
(and Why You Should Read This Book Even If You’re Not A Philanthropy Director)

Learn How To Create AND Apply Your New Philosophy Of Philanthropy
…without fear for bad press or wasting any money in the process.

Use these techniques to reduce fundraising stress, to engage team, staff and board more in philanthropic activities, and stop the criticisms on your philanthropy so you have more positive impact starting today!

I’ll even show you how to enhance your philanthropy consciousness to naturally exude goodwill without any extra effort so more people feel inclined and inspired to follow your philanthropic leadership.

In fact, here’s just a sample of what you’ll find out:

*How to unlock dormant potentials and assets, activate fresh possibilities for grants and investments and create new opportunities for philanthropy with purpose while truly feeling on course with your soul’s greater unfolding.
*How to streamline your long-term programs with hot topic trends so you’re able to reach more potential donors and feel a relief of fundraising stress.
*How to develop holistic thinking so you’re able to connect more of the right people with the paramount points of your programs.
*How to come to integral health, wealth and relationships so you can balance a wider variety of opinions on benevolence and have more people agree upon realizing your grander vision.
*How to amplify your leadership skills without becoming ‘bossy’ so it lets you get more out of your team and staff without the dangers of burnout.
*How to increase clarity, confidence and congruence on all your thoughts and actions, which enables you to enhance and advance and even foresee what kind of wisdom is needed next.
*How to gain insight into a higher order reality which helps you tap into Infinite Supply and so being able to innovate with ease and flow without any negative disruptions.
*How to navigate each and any form of the new normal which lets you get ahead and stay ahead of whatever crisis so even when they occur you can help the people you work with come out of them on top!
…and much, MUCH More!
By the way, this amazing book will also show you how to use this hands-on approach for everyday successful living while experiencing more pleasure in both your personal and professional development as a truly inspiring Philanthropy Director!

Why You Should Read This Book Even If You’re Not A Philanthropy Director…
This book will help you enhance your leadership skills by giving you:
*An encompassing framework for everyday successful living with a hands-on approach to do more good in the world – to see results appear virtually effortless
*A unique way to learn more about yourself – this is personal development on steroids!
*A roadmap to get heart soul and mind aligned! – This is your leadership excellence re-energized!
*An exciting opportunity to create better relationships in and with the world so you can feel at home almost everywhere you go
*A rare look behind the scenes on how the author gained profound insights in eternal wisdom so you don’t have to go on a 30 year vehement quest as he did to find out about these secrets
*A beautiful overview on what thinking about greater Benevolence can also do for you in terms of money, time, love, sex, wisdom and success in the warm embrace of everlasting happiness
*Bright new insights in the workings of your own soul – receive inspiration at will
*Clarity of foresight on what best next steps you can and maybe even should take if you want to be an inspiring force for good in the world – learn how to become an example of the best!
…and much, much more of Goodness Galore!

About Maurits

Maurits van Sambeek, MA is a metaphysician, leadership coach and the author of Omni-Benevolence – “The-All-Doing-Good” Handbook for Philanthropy Directors.

He studied philosophy and comparative religious studies at Tilburg University, the Netherlands where he obtained his bachelor and master degree.

At Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands; Stellenbosch University, South-Africa; Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg, Germany; Georg-August University Göttingen, Germany; Ludwig-Maximilians University, München, Germany, he studied additional and extra-curricular courses and did preparation studies for a potential PhD trajectory in metaphysics.

His elongated studies and work in philosophy, thought leadership, business and leadership coaching has led him to create and facilitate different mastermind groups plus accompanying curriculum and course work materials.

He now works as lecturer with the Weconomics Foundation in the Netherlands; as mastermind member and community manager with the Benevolent Think Tank – an international entity for benevolent ideation and thought leadership sessions; as C-Suite Network Advisor with the C-suite Network; and as an independent philosopher for various non-profits and philanthropy organizations.

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