Joseph Sherren

Leadership is about creating a culture which will engage all employees in executing the Vision and Mission of the company. This book outlines the five principles required to be a successful manager in today’s multi generational and geographically diverse world. iLead provides a comprehensive overview of sensible and actionable analyses that managers can apply to create successful and productive teams. This is a book about creating a workplace where people are doing what they love to do, and are doing it in an environment that supports that encourages the development of their strengths.

About the Author

Joseph Sherren, CSP, HoF, CSPGlobal has been a speaker, trainer and executive coach for over 25 years working with organizations who want to enhance the effectiveness of their managers, increase employee morale, and improve bottom line results.  He has spoken to more than 2,500 audiences in over 30 countries worldwide.

 Joe has achieved his CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), and has been inducted to the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame (HoF). He is on the Executive Development Faculty in the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, and was the Program Director for the 2004 Schulich Executive Program.

In 2013 he was one of 20 speakers worldwide (two in Canada) who was honored with the CSPGlobal designation, the highest, international designation available in the speaking industry for his work helping organizations internationally.

Joe currently owns Ethos Enterprises and Gateway Leadership Inc., a boutique speakers bureau dedicated to improving organizational operations and cultures.  He also owns a Canadian property rental business:  He is a regular business columnist for the Guardian chain of newspapers writing on the topic of “Management Matters”.

Joe is the Past-President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, a member of the National Speakers Association (US) and the 2007/2008 President of the Global Speakers Federation. Joe is also a member of the Canadian Professional Sales Association. 

Joe is a certified facilitator in advanced assessment tools that assist people in determining their thinking styles, personality preferences and management effectiveness. Since 1974, he has trained thousands of executives, leaders, and professionals.

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