Be the Hero And Rescue Yourself: Creating the Inner Courage to Wear Your Own Cape

Kelly Fuhlman

Have you ever wished a superhero would come down and rescue you in those chaotic life moments of life? The easiest thing to do is wait for someone more qualified to come along and fix what has been broken for so long. What if I told you that hero was you?

From dyslexia, drug addiction, and trauma, there were many times when author, Kelly Fuhlman didn’t think she would make it. Even in times of great success, she still felt lost. The truth is the only person who can save each of us is ourselves. Through her journey, Kelly shares how to seize back your life from waiting for the hero to becoming your own. No matter what the condition of your life, or your heart, we will journey together to see proof that no matter how far you fall, you can get back up. You can be courageous and Be the Hero and Rescue Yourself! It’s time to dust off your cape, and step into your purpose and healing as your own hero.

About Kelly

Author, Speaker, and strategic planning expert, Kelly Fuhlman has been helping Fortune 500 companies, working for universities and Disney Institute, sharing best practices in leadership, marketing, and business development. Equipped with an MBA and Bachelor in Communication, she helps create strategy and relationship building within companies and teams. She has increase revenue through branding and marketing giving companies an edge over their competition.

As a speaker, Kelly helps youth and adults recognize the hero within and how to change their own story to empowering them to become their own heroes. She lives in Texas with her husband and son as she continues to build a legacy around family, faith, and a commitment to excellence.

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