Inflection Point: Redefining Your Role In The Insurance And Financial Services Industry When The Existing Model No Longer Works

Troy Korsgaden

In the business world, an inflection point happens at a critical moment when the situation calls for new thinking and a different strategy. Troy Korsgaden—a highly sought-after insurance and financial services consultant, speaker, and the author of seven books—believes this is that moment for the insurance and financial industry. Previous assumptions about the way we do business are no longer accurate. His warning is that if we don’t see the need to change—and change now—many of us will lose customers…and perhaps lose our businesses.

This book will guide you to adapt your insurance or financial services agency to reach and serve customers in the ways they want to do business. Troy Korsgaden shares a blueprint for a new business model to set your firm up for success in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Take a hard look at your role, firm, or carrier as it is today, and ask yourself, “Where am I now?” and “How did I get here?” Take a rigorously honest approach when looking at your business. What have you done right, and what could have been done better? Are you poised for the future? What areas could you improve? In what areas do you thrive? When is the last time you retooled any of your procedures or workflows? Many professionals show up every day without a real plan, and their schedules are dictated by the brushfires that flare up during the day. They don’t have a defined and purposeful schedule to guide them. Don’t let that be you!

Start today, setting up your firm for success. Create an action plan to retool everyone and everything within your agency or firm. The bottom line is to have a seamless ecosystem at the firm level and/or the carrier level. Think of it like a digital experience. You enter through the main hub, and when you are offered a different product, most of the time you feel you’ve left the hub. It feels odd and uncomfortable because the process has suddenly become complicated. Our task is to create a reality for our customers in which they never feel they’ve left our hub.

To ride the new wave in our culture and our industry, you need to create a network that blends excellent customer experience, a wide array of options in your offerings, and the creation of expertise partners to whom you can refer your customers who need products and services you don’t currently offer.

About Troy

Troy Korsgaden is the principal of Korsgaden International, which specializes in global marketing, distribution, agency building, and technology strategies for many of the world’s largest insurance carriers and financial services companies. He is a highly sought-after insurance and financial services consultant, speaker, and the author of seven books.

Troy is passionate about helping the insurance industry and its representatives wake up to the radical transformation taking place in the industry. He creates the necessary tools and road maps for building success in the rapidly changing insurance and financial services landscape.

A widely respected expert in personal distribution and other methods, Troy trains corporate insurance and financial
services leaders on customer service, change management, and transformational work, among many other critical issues impacting insurance carriers and financial services companies.

He helps those in the industry learn how to communicate more effectively with their teams and consumers so that consumers develop a higher appreciation for the value of insurance products and their insurance advisor relationships. Korsgaden International provides turnkey approaches using leading technologies and management tools that create fluency and seamlessness in product delivery and customer service.

Hundreds of thousands of insurance and financial services executives, agents, brokers, and staff members have been inspired and empowered by Troy’s seminars and guidance for more than 30 years.

Troy consults most major companies in the insurance and financial services industry in some capacity, working with large carriers, both in property & casualty and in financial services. He also serves as a subject-matter expert in the area of technology and how it applies in the backroom for carriers as well as their distribution.

He is considered an expert in distribution strategy, in both personal distribution and other methods. He also provides consulting to business owners and corporate leaders on topics including customer service, change management, and transformational work. He advises leaders at all levels of organizations on global marketing strategies.

In terms of personal production, over his career, Troy has won every production and quality service award offered by the carrier he represents and was the top-ranked agent in the nation twice. He has been a member of a topproducing group for that carrier for 21 consecutive years, an elite honor accomplished by less than ½ of 1 percent of all 15,000+ representatives within the United States.

Since his humble beginnings in establishing the Korsgaden/Jansma Farmers Insurance Agency in 1983, Troy has been exceptionally driven and committed to help clients determine the best options for their insurance coverage.

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