In this a hyper connected era where busy C-Suite business leaders have little time, Above The Clutter with Pete Krainik, cuts through the jargon and the myriad of links, sales pitches and distractions in an Anthony Bourdain No Reservations meets Undercover Boss style. This candid and fun journey into the world of marketing, Above The Clutter dives into the complex issues currently facing today’s CMOs, marketers and C-Suite business leaders.


Season 1 Episodes

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Pete Krainik

Founder and CEO of The CMO Club


Meet Pete Krainik: the charismatic friend and advisor for hundreds of Chief Marketing Officers (“CMOs”) from some of the world’s most successful brands. With over 30 years of experience leading brands and advising the business world’s most influential decision makers as Founder and CEO of The CMO Club, which consists of more than 2,500 senior marketers. Pete will lead us viewers on a journey Above the Clutter through the never-before-seen ins and outs of high steaks marketing and some of the industry’s hottest campaigns, customer experiences and look behind the curtain of some of the most interesting brands in the world.


An NBTV Studios Series

Executive Producers:

Nick Buzzell, Mike Buzzell, Robert Friedman

Directed By:

Jeff Pinilla and Matt Pourviseh


Justin Simpson and Sam Stonefield

In Association With:

Bungalow Media & Entertainment

Produced By:

Matt Pourviseh, Carmen Simon Rubio, Jake Strasser, Pete Krainik

Edited By:

Jeff Pinilla and Dan Halperin

Production Design:

Roxanne Kratt

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