The Calibration Shift is the must-watch C-Suite series for anyone who has unanswered questions about alcohol, stress and the willpower that we think we need for change. Alcohol has replaced cigarettes as the social drug of choice, and along with that, alcohol is the only drug that we have to justify not taking. With the social pressure it’s no wonder that we find ourselves drinking more often than we intend to, and with effects that if we are honest, aren’t anywhere near the fun that we once thought. High achievers are a side-lined group of people who grew up with alcohol centre-stage, and who now find themselves playing a supporting role with alcohol. The resulting misery and exhaustion can be undone when science meets psychology. Michaela Weaver was an executive who found herself caught in the alcohol trap. As a scientist, and Master Coach she brings you her science-based process for unravelling from alcohol, taking a break or jumping free!

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