"What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?" asks C-Suite Executives. It's all about taking control of your life and making your ideas a reality. Tune in to C-Suite's new Run Towards the Roar show, as Jason Forrest interviews leaders of industry, to tell their stories and share their Run Towards the Roar moments, that they were forced to overcome, to find success.

Website: http://www.fpg.com

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Jason Forrest

Primetime TV Host, Keynote Speaker, Award-Winning Author and Global Business Coach

Website: http://www.fpg.com

Jason Forrest is a primetime television host of Run Towards the Roar on the C-Suite TV Network.  He is a global business coach, speaker, author, and Chairman of the National Speakers Association’s Million Dollar Speakers Group, who has spent his career empowering professionals and executives to unleash their human performance and master their leadership skills in sales, management, culture and service; by increasing profits through people.

Forrest is a well-traveled public speaker, the author of five top awarded sales and service business books, Leadership Sales Coaching, Creating Urgency in a Non-Urgent Housing Market, 40 Day Sales Dare for Home Sales, 40 Day Sales Dare for Auto Sales, and Service Certainty.  As a leading behavioral change expert, Forrest is often cited in Forbes, Entrepreneur, EO Overdrive, FW Inc, B2BNN, Realtor Magazine, among many others and is the recipient of 3 Stevie Awards for creating the most effective and sustainable sales and sales management training programs in the world; in addition to being awarded Stevie’s top sales trainer in the world award, out of 40 different countries.

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