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The McCuistion Program is an issues-oriented television program that illuminates business, social, economic and public policy concerns and challenges. Each program focuses on a current/ timely topic of importance, in a talk show format with expert guests and develops the various concepts or issues of that particular topic , in objectively, fairly and evenly presented discussion. Viewers are invited to make their opinions known and to actively get involved in making a difference; whether by active participation in civic and charitable activities or letting their city, state and national elected officials know how they (the viewers) feel.


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Dennis McCuistion Host/ Niki McCuistion Producer

Host and co Executive producers


Dennis McCuistion is the host and co-executive producer with co- founder Niki McCuistion, of the award-winning McCUISTION television program on KERA, PBS Dallas, syndicated weekly throughout the U.S. The McCUISTION Program , now in its 29th year provides an intellectually stimulating and objective forum of ideas, challenging accountability and awareness of things that matter…with people who care.


guests vary on each program

Dennis McCuistion


Terri McCormack


Leland Johnson

Tape Operator

Emile Aronson

Lighting/ Floor Director

Dea Yemen

Studio Engineer

Jay Burney

Camera Crew

Tom More

Camera Crew

Linda Gray

PA Assistance

Dennis Redman

PA Assistance

Niki McCuistion

Producer/ Executive Producer

Bill Bragg

Video Engineer

Malcolm Johnson

Audio Engineer

Jennifer Leesman


Martha Kelley

Studio Engineer

John England

Camera Crew

Shannon Knox


Daryl Morgan

PA Assistance

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