Backstage Pass With Jeff Senour Pilot by day and Rocker by night, this true Renaissance Man, Jeff Senour brings you to a backstage look at the lives of extraordinary people achieving amazing things and bringing something positive to the world. We invite you to join us on C-Suite to learn about some of Jeff’s interesting friends as each show dives into the incredible lives of some very interesting people. From Aviators, Musicians, Entrepreneurs, Race Car Drivers among others, to Veterans, First Responders and real heroes, tune in as Backstage Pass opens the door to the lives and adventures of how these incredible people achieved their dreams. Backstage Pass is a positive, uplifting look at the lives of interesting people living each day to the fullest and making an impact on the world. People whom you might already know who are famous and those you might not know yet but will want to. From Hollywood blockbusters such as “True Lies”, “Executive Decision”, “Silence Of The Lambs”, “Hot Shots” and others as a SAG Aerial Coordinator/ Airline Pilot, to a Singer/Songwriter and founder of CTS Rock Band, Jeff Senour has always believed that dreams only come true with hard work and dedication. On set in the studio and on location, Backstage Pass with Jeff Senour will examine the lives of those that have lived their dreams as well and will air on C-Suite.

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