Now on C-Suite, meet Philippe Bouissou Ph.D., charismatic founder of Blue Dots Partners and growth advisor to hundreds of CEOs and company founders that lead businesses with annual sales of $10 million to $1 billion. Philippe, also known as Dr. B, worked directly for Steve Jobs, starting Apple's e commerce business and growing it from zero to $350 million. Dr. B has devoted over three decades in Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, board member and management consultant. He will lead you on a journey into The Alignment Zone, experiencing the never-before-seen ins and outs of businesses facing growth challenges. You will be privy to one-on-one meetings that tackle real issues, score businesses based on their alignment with their market along four dimensions, giving you a look behind the curtain of true problem solving. This relentless TV doctor is like no other. For Dr. B, there's only growth… or death… in The Alignment Zone on C-Suite Television.

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