Public Speaking is still the #1 Fear in America, Canada and other parts of the world. Many people would rather be bitten by a snake, be chased by a wild animal, or brave the scariest theme park roller-coaster imaginable - than stand up in front of a group to give a presentation. You’re about to journey into the lives of 9 brave souls from extremely diverse backgrounds who all aspire to become professional speakers and authors in the lucrative industry of Personal & Professional Development.As a C-Suite executive, you will appreciate the life lessons and professional insights that Delatorro McNeal exposes in The Keynote. While being coached and mentored by Delatorro McNeal and his esteemed professional colleagues, these contestants will be pushed to the limits as they are tasked with impromptu challenges, exercises, and experiences that will get them one step closer to being Delatorro’s personal protégé for 1 year. Who will crack under the pressure? Who will rise to the occasion? Who will win the hearts of their audiences? Who will overcome their fears? Who will become…THE KEYNOTE! As a C-Suite executive, excellent public speaking skills are a must and as you watch this show you will get insights on how the best in the speaking business do it.

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