Yitzchok Saftlas is the founder and CEO of Bottom Line Marketing Group, an award-winning marketing agency which specializes in ethnic marketing to the Jewish demographic and has helped hundreds of corporate, political and non-profit clients since 1992. The Jewish demographic represents an important marketing opportunity as its rising population offers growing influence and buying power in the marketplace. It is, however, a population which needs to be communicated with in specific ways and through specific mediums to accommodate their nuanced sensitivities, which is why strategic ethnic marketing is critical. Additionally, Yitzchok is the host of the weekly business radio show, “Mind Your Business” on 77WABC in the New York / New Jersey metro area as well as on C-Suite TV and C-Suite Radio. Yitzchok is also the author of "So, What’s The Bottom Line?" published by Morgan James and a featured columnist in the Yated newspaper and Mishpacha Magazine, both international weekly publications.

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